What Is A Combover?

George Pataki Combover

In response to bb’s question, “What is a combover and who is George P?” allow me to introduce to you George Pataki, Governor of New York and potential 2008 Presidential candidate. OK, that takes care of George P.

Now for the combover: A combover is that method that bald guys use to convince themselves that they are not bald by growing their side hairs really long and combing them over the top of their heads. This gives the illusion in the mirror that their baldness is completely hidden. Of course everyone who is not looking in the mirror is not fooled and know it’s just a lie.

A combover is on par ridiculously with a bad rug (hairpiece for you non slangers), commonly known among my progeny as a “nice hat.”

3 thoughts on “What Is A Combover?

  1. Hey! Word on the street is there’s a mighty fine Democrat who’s thrown his hat in the ring … have you heard about him?

    Oh! And I had a thought today. What if a Democrat ‘pretended’ he was a Rebublican (you know, conservative and stuff). Gets elected and then just does Democrat stuff (i.e. non-conservative).
    Would he be like … the “Anti-President”?

    maybe I shouldn’t be thinking while taking a muscle relaxer. :o)

  2. Dad, I had totally forgotten about “nice hat”. Made me laugh aloud, again. I think the first time I said that was that was in church about (insert name of hat-wearer here)!

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