Who Owns Hybrids?

Reader’s Digest lists some interesting facts about hybrid car owners.

  • 40% are Republicans and 36% are Democrats
  • 21% live in the Midwest, and 31% in the Northeast. Just 16% live on the West Coast.
  • 57% are over the age of 45.
  • 49% don’t have a college degree, and 35% make less then $40,000 a year.

SOURCE: Autobytel.com

3 thoughts on “Who Owns Hybrids?

  1. We fit the 35% that make less than 40K(easily)
    We have1 Dem and 1 Rep
    2 over 45 and on the west coast—-we love the car!—it’s fun to drive to Vegas and fill the tank with 6 gallons!

  2. I hear that children of former vice presidents who drive 105mph while under the influence also drive them.

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