Are We Crazy?

Besides the chance to attend the National Missionary Convention, visit long-time friends, and share Thanksgiving Day with our offspring, what possessed us to drive to Indianapolis at the end of November? After last year’s February wedding in Indy, we promised ourselves we’d never come to Indy in the Winter again. Well, I know it’s Autumn, but our blood has had nearly a year to continue it’s thinning process. We’re cooooooooold! What were we thinking? 1Must be the relationships


1 Must be the relationships

3 thoughts on “Are We Crazy?

  1. You will have a wonderful holiday with family, friends and colleagues. And the Indy weather will make you appreciate your Florida paradise even more!

    Have a great time!

  2. We Agree—I won’t vote for a candidate with a combover either–unless it’s a female!

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