Ahhhhhh, Mother’s


Mother's Taffy Cremes
Mother's Taffy Cremes


Chowing Down
Chowing Down

One of Old Dad’s favorite (and mine, too) cookies is Mother’s Taffy Cremes. Unfortunately, earlier this year, Mothers went out of business and the Taffy Cremes are not to be found in any store. A few months ago, Old Dad sent out a photo of the very last Taffy Crème he had lamenting their demise before he scarfed it down.

However, my brilliant, talented, and sweet Daughter, found some in the Internet and bought me a package for Christmas.

They didn’t last long. Here we are (Sweet Dau, Dau’s Man Friend, and Mrs. Major) stuffing our faces with them. I don’t think they lasted more than two hours. They were so yummy!

Sorry, Old Dad, I didn’t save you any. They sure were good, though.

Getting Ready For The U.S. Open

On Sunday at around 3:30pm, Son Major and The Major will depart for the Tampa airport to make the trek to San Diego and the 2008 U.S. Open Championship. We signed up to be volunteers almost a year and a half ago. We will be working the Thru and Leaderboards during the competition. We have passes for the three practice rounds on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and for the Championship on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If there’s a playoff on Monday, we’ll get to see that too.

The photo is of some of the gear we have. You can see the hat, shirt, parking passes, lunch vouchers (yellow), and of course the volunteer pass that gets us in for all the activities. 1We also received another shirt, water bottle, and jacket

Much to my surprise, cameras will be allowed on the three practice days, so we’ll be snapping lots of photos. I might even get another card for my camera. No cell phones are allowed on any day, and not cameras are allowed on the Championship days. Read more

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1. We also received another shirt, water bottle, and jacket

Knee Surgery Update

Mrs. Major gave her final pint of blood yesterday. It wasn’t the ordeal that the first one was. The phlebotomist closed her eyes, said a silent prayer, opened here eyes, and stuck Mrs. Major’s vein on the first try. No bruising, even today. Now we have the pre-op visit on the 12th and the surgery on the 15th.

Mrs. Major is really looking forward to the day when her knees don’t hurt constantly. She’s even looking forward to the hard work involved in the recovery process. Three cheers for Mrs. Major.