Good To Go

Just got cleared to go home. It will probably be an hour an a half before we’re out of here. They have lot’s of meds on the wing to dispense and paperwork to do. I’ll have some medicine to take and have a couple of follow-up visits, but I think we’re done.

Thanks for all of your prayers.

Update #2 Noon (or so) Thursday

They gave me 2 more units of blood last night. When I came in Monday night my hemoglobin was 5.9 (extremely low). Male normal is 10-14. After Tuesday’s 3 units of blood and the EGD ulcer repair it was 8.2 so they wanted to get me up higher, thus the 2 extra units. This morning my hemo was 10.2. We’re all pleased.

Depending on what the noon reading is and what the doctors say, I may get to go home later this afternoon/evening.

Other than the cold soup and warm popsicles, I’m doing fine.

I appreciate all the prayers and well wishes. Thank you.

Mike’s Health Update

As many of you already know, I’m in the hospital as a result of anemia. I had dizziness, fatigue, and shortness of breath while upright on Sunday evening. After a doctors visit, where he discovered my hemoglobin was bordering on non-existant, I was admitted to the hospital where I received three units of blood.

Today, they performed an EGD. 1esophagogastroduodenoscopy Which is a procedure where they stuff a scope down your throat and examine your esophagus (the E), your stomach (the G), and your duodenum (the D) for ulcers, polyps, tumors, and other sundry abnormalities. As this is done by the same doctor who does colonoscopies, the key is to get the correct scope. In my case they did. They found an ulcer in my stomach, so while they were in there, cauterized it and clamped it with a small metal clamp. 2I need to figure out how to market these for model building

Since they pump air into your gut so they can get a better look, one of the side effects is that I sounded like a one-man campfire scene from Blazing Saddles.

So they’re going to keep me for at least another day to make sure I don’t spring a leak and to top off my blood with a couple more quarts. Apparently I’m still a little low.

I feel much better…in fact, I feel fine. Thanks for asking.


1 esophagogastroduodenoscopy
2 I need to figure out how to market these for model building

After Action Report

The weather gave us a break. The rain abated for our 1.5 hour drive to Sanford, the 3.0 hour cruise 1Do I hear a cheesy song in the background?, and the 1.5 hour return drive.

The cruise turned out to be fun. The first deck of the boat was the dining room, filled with red leather booths that tightly fit six or four people. The food was pretty good, not outstanding, but not bad. The company was good. We sat at a six-top where the other two BILs had served in the Navy…not career like I did…and had several sea stories. 2By the way, the difference between a sea story and a fairy tale is: One starts out, “Once upon a time…” and the other starts out “This is no s**t…” The ladies at our table, including Mrs. Major, were outgoing, lively, funny, and lovely.

The second deck had a bar and small lounge area, another lounge-dance area with a guy singing lots of dance songs, and an outside observation deck. If it weren’t so cold, the outside would have been the place to gather after dinner. The poor smokers had to go out on deck to smoke…no smoking inside.

We got home at around 12:30 am.

The only unfortunate thing about the whole trip is that today Mrs. Major is suffering pretty bad cramps. We’re speculating that he had food poisoning. We’ll have to find other PEOs who had the chicken breast to see if they had any ill effects. Mrs. Major said the chicken was dry, so it was probably cooked properly. Perhaps the contamination was from the sauce or from the handling. She’s still in bed.

My pork tenderloin was very good and, so far, I’m fine.


1 Do I hear a cheesy song in the background?
2 By the way, the difference between a sea story and a fairy tale is: One starts out, “Once upon a time…” and the other starts out “This is no s**t…”