Update #2 Noon (or so) Thursday

They gave me 2 more units of blood last night. When I came in Monday night my hemoglobin was 5.9 (extremely low). Male normal is 10-14. After Tuesday’s 3 units of blood and the EGD ulcer repair it was 8.2 so they wanted to get me up higher, thus the 2 extra units. This morning my hemo was 10.2. We’re all pleased.

Depending on what the noon reading is and what the doctors say, I may get to go home later this afternoon/evening.

Other than the cold soup and warm popsicles, I’m doing fine.

I appreciate all the prayers and well wishes. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Update #2 Noon (or so) Thursday

  1. Hey Mike, So sorry you have been going through this, but God is good and you are on the mend. Your case should serve as a reminder that donating blood is so important. Did they give you a warm blanket for your arm? Blood is cold when it goes it as I have found out…

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