Site Problems

The site has been down since April 5. After much diddling around with various facets of the database and code, I finally deleted all the plugins. Apparently, WordPress updated itself and one or more of the plugins was incompatible with the current version of WordPress. Thus, a completely blank screen when visiting the site. I’m happy to say that the site is now back up. Now to the rigor of checking each plugin for compatibility.

Old Dad…the weather is back!

Made The Leap

So I finally made the leap to a new theme. The old one was called Simplicity, but was kind of boring. This one is called Ahimsa by¬†Ravi Sarma. It’s a tad more colorful and has these neat rounded corners on everything. The theme is skinable, so I’ll be able to change the color scheme, if necessary. Now the only thing left to do is to revamp the Now Reading library to display properly under this theme.

I hope you enjoy the new eye candy.

By the way, if you don’t see the sidebars, there is a tab on each side labeled sidebar which when clicked will reveal them. Conversely, if they’re shown, you can hide each one by clicking on its sidebar tab.

New Subscription Engine

For ever since I can remember, I’ve used Subscribe 2 to support those of you who wanted to get emails when I posted. I’m switching to Jetpack, a native WordPress widget, to do that. I’m not going to try to port all the subscriptions over to the new system, so if you still want to subscribe, please use the widget on the top left to add your email to the new subscription list.

Bored With Current Theme

I’m getting bored with the current theme, Simplicity. I’m going to change it, but I haven’t found one that floats my boat. Also, every time I change themes, Now Reading, the plug-in that displays the books I’m reading, breaks. The theme writers don’t use the same names for similar style elements, so plug-ins that use templates that display whole screens break if the names change. Perhaps I’ll get lucky and have the new theme use the same style names as the old theme.

Getting Caught Up

After a two-week cruise and a week of visitors for Christmas and New Years, I’m finally getting caught up with all the stuff I let go during the interim. Today, I’m finally reading all the RSS feeds on the blogs I read. Whew.

By the way, Bonnie, on of Major Mike’s readers, commented that she couldn’t find the next–previous links when single articles were displayed. After having used the current theme for about a year and not even noticed it myself, I was surprised. So I added links to the next and previous articles above the title to the current article using the next and previous article titles. Thanks, Bonnie, for noticing the discrepancy.