Made The Leap

So I finally made the leap to a new theme. The old one was called Simplicity, but was kind of boring. This one is called Ahimsa by Ravi Sarma. It’s a tad more colorful and has these neat rounded corners on everything. The theme is skinable, so I’ll be able to change the color scheme, if necessary. Now the only thing left to do is to revamp the Now Reading library to display properly under this theme.

I hope you enjoy the new eye candy.

By the way, if you don’t see the sidebars, there is a tab on each side labeled sidebar which when clicked will reveal them. Conversely, if they’re shown, you can hide each one by clicking on its sidebar tab.

5 thoughts on “Made The Leap

  1. Question, leave reply when I submitted didn’t show as being successful. I could still see what I said in the comment box before submit. That leaves my email visible.

  2. Bonnie, not to worry. Your email will be visible only to you. It should remember you next time you visit (I hope) so if you have multiple email addresses, you won’t have to remember which one you used here. Thanks for reading.

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