Back Home Again

We got back from a seven-day cruise on the Norwegian Sun yesterday. I’m still digging out from under all the emails, snail mails, Facebook posts, and golf group changes.

The cruise was great, as always. We’ve never been on a bad one. This one was particularly fun as we cruised with ten neighbors. While we rarely saw each other during the day, we met each evening before dinner for a drink and to share dinner. On the second night we joined a progressive trivia challenge. We missed the first night, but still came in second.

In the week I was gone, we had seven new guys sign up to play in our Thursday golf group. I’m the “Commissioner” of the group. I arrange the tee times, make up the foursomes, keep the statistics, and handle all the details of what is involved in maintaining the group. Thus, I’ve been scrambling to revise the schedule and add tee times for next Thursday. Fortunately, Royal Oaks, where we’re playing, was very accommodating in adding players.

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3 thoughts on “Back Home Again

  1. I don’t think I would ever like a cruise to ritzy surroundings for me and I’d probably end up sea sick. Then after latest news I know I wouldn’t want to go on one.

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