The Continuing Saga of #8

The Last Time It Happened

They’re going to knock my front teeth out tomorrow. All because of #8. In a previous post, I introduced the woes I was having with my right incisor, #8.

Back in July, #8 broke and the dentist re-crowned it. It has since begun to migrate so that it’s no longer lined up with my other front teeth. X-rays show that the tooth, the foundation upon which the crown rests, it coming apart. This is probably the result of the collision of my front teeth with my brother Dan’s forehead.

I should have chosen to have a gap ($0) rather then the crown ($1100) because now I have the choice between a gap and a bridge ($2775) or an implant ($???). Of course the gap is out of the question (see picture) and my periodontist does not recommend the implant on my front tooth for various reasons which I will not go into here.

So tomorrow, they’re going to pull #8, knock the crown off of #9, and prep #7 for a crown so after my mouth heals, they  build a bridge between #7 and #9 with a reasonable facsimile of #8 in the middle.

Hopefully, Dan’s head has fared better than my tooth.

2 thoughts on “The Continuing Saga of #8

  1. You just never know what is going wrong next—-At least this is something you can kind of disguise!
    (At a Price)
    Love and symphony,
    Old Dad

  2. Do you here banjo music with your tooth gone. I have heard that a missing front tooth will allow you to pick up those channels. Keep smiling!

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