Early Get-Up Worth It

What an early get-up. Up at 4:30 am for a 5:45 check-in at the hospital. Son Major said, “Are you going fishing or something?”

The pre-op process was excellent here at West Marion Community Hospital in Ocala, FL. They were very thorough and friendly. Of course they asked Mrs. Major her name, date of birth, and who her surgeon was about a gajillion times, but, hey, it’s good to be sure.

They kicked me out of the room at 7:00 am and wheeled her into surgery. She was done just short of 10:00 am and did well. She’s in recovery and will be until around noon, according to the doctor. 

There is no Internet access, here in the hospital, so I’m going to hunt a Starbucks or some other Wi-Fi hot spot.

3 thoughts on “Early Get-Up Worth It

  1. I’m glad it’s over and now the healing can start. Charlene is going to be so much happier now that she will be able to do the things she has been missing out on. Hang in there.

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