Millennials Differ From Previous Generations

From the Ivy Jungle newsletter:

Millennials Differ From Previous Generations: Having grown up in a digital world of constantly evolving technology, researchers say the millennial generation differs from all of its predecessors. The second largest generation in US history, they thrive on choice and instant results. The economy is just one sphere of their influence where the average US teen spends just over $100 a week on discretionary items. Recognized as trendsetters in the population, marketers have taken a keen interest in them. They have proven very adaptable – especially with regard to technology. They have moved from email to IM to MySpace in the course of almost literally months. They have left cd players far behind as they took up iPods. They constantly want choices – even in education. At the college level, researchers say it is not uncommon for them to be simultaneously enrolled in both traditional on campus courses and online classes – through their own university or another somewhere else in the world. On a standard personality test, Millenials outscore their GenX predecessors in warmth, abstract reasoning, emotional stability, social boldness, sensitivity, openness to change, and perfectionism. GenXers scored much higher in self reliance. Their driving value seems to be choice and finding ways to make something their own. (Seattle Post Intelligencer March 13, 2007)