Mrs. Major Update

Staples Gone-Tape Gone

She’s doing really well. When I got home from the U.S. Open, I noticed right away…she was able to stand up long enough to give me a big welcome home kiss and hug. Now that’s improvement.

As you can see, the tapes have all fallen off the incisions and they are healing nicely.

Mrs. Major is now walking down the street seven houses in the evening instead of the two she was doing when I left. She’s also walking around the house with a cane sometimes instead of the walker. Also, she leaves the walker behind when she can steady herself on a counter or wall.

She also went to play cards with “the girls” last Wednesday. When she was getting into the golf cart she noticed that it was easier to do than before the surgery. So we know the surgery worked and all the rehabilitation is worth it. 

The physical therapist and nurse are done. No more home visits unless something bad happens. Also, she’s no longer taking Perocet for the pain. She has downgraded to Darvocet. She reports she’s no longer having any pain, but her knees feel heavy.

She’s getting a little stir-crazy, but when we went to the lab for some blood work, she wasn’t interested in stopping by Starbucks for a coffee.

We see Dr. Duke next Wednesday. Hopefully, she’ll be cleared to get in the pool. She really likes to water-walk for exercise.

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  1. 🙂 She is a champ!! 🙂
    Glad you are home safe and sound and getting nice hugs and kisses!

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