Now That’s a Knife


Try this one on for size. Swiss Army knife lovers are rejoicing over this one, the world record holder according to Fox News.Personally, I like knives, but I can’t imagine carrying around this nearly three pound behemoth in my pocket, or my toolbox, for that matter.WARNING: If you wear your pants below your butt, they’ll be around your ankles if you carry this knife.

6 thoughts on “Now That’s a Knife

  1. Okay, I think this calls for the “Real Men Of Genius” song about Mr. Giant Pocket Knife inventor. I wanted to post the link to the song but was unable, so just imagine the tune and enjoy these lyrics. (It’s my favorite one!)
    Mr. Giant Pocket Knife Inventor

    Bud Light Presents Real Men of Genius
    (Real Men of Genius)

    Today we salute you Mr. Giant Pocket Knife Inventor
    (Mr. Giant Pocket Knife Inventor)
    Because of you, we will never be lost in middle of a dense forrest without a little plastic toothpick… again.
    (won’t get lost again)
    What’s that bulge in my pocket?
    It’s my knife, and my tweezers, and my scissors, and my spoon, and my bottle opener, and my fish scaler
    (take it to the max)
    and my leather awe, and my corkscrew, and my nail file, and my paring knife, and my hasp.
    (What’s a hasp?)
    So crack open an ice cold Bud Light Mr. Giant Pocket Knife Inventor
    Because you make our pockets bulge humongously.. with pride
    (Mr. Giant Pocket Knife Inventor)

  2. Oh Good —one more thing to not send you for Christmas!!
    Not too good to carry on your cruise either!

  3. Funny side note to your “pants below the butt” comment…
    David Berthold preached on Sunday & made a comment about kids walking around with pants so low that he’s afraid they’ll bend over & “then it’s just moon river!”
    I have no idea what he said for the next 10 minutes because I couldn’t stop laughing!

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