I Hate Going to Walgreens With My Wife

It’s not that I don’t like going places with my wife. I love to. I even like shopping with her…as long as there’s an electronics, hardware, or bookstore nearby in case I get tired of looking at women’s clothing or cookware or home decor items.See, my wife shops sales. And each Sunday, the Walgreens add appears in The Daily Sun. She duitfully checks to see what items we need that are on sale and lists them in her notebook. Then sometime during the week, she goes to buy them. Sometimes, she takes me along or I happen to be with her on the way to some more interesting place, when she suggests we stop.Now, I don’t hate any of this, so far.The problem comes at checkout. Every single time I’ve been with her on one of these expeditions, and I’ve been on plenty, something doesn’t ring up the sale price correctly. 1Sometimes even the regular price doesn’t ring up correctly. That wouldn’t be so bad, but Wallgreens register system rings everything up at regular price and takes the discount at the end of the sale. Not only that, but the discount is only printed on the receipt which is not printed until after the payment is recorded.You’re beginning to see the problem here. 2If you’re a regular Wallgreens customer, you already know what I’m talking about. Here’s where all the fun starts. It’s decision time. If the line’s not too long, you can stand there and check to see if all the discounts have made it to the receipt. Try figuring out the discount on 15 candles at 49 cents each on sale for 3 for a dollar while the mob behind you shuffles their feet and collectively sighs and says, “Aw, jeeze.” Or you can head to the car, find out it rang up wrong, and go back to stand in the line for another 20 minutes to get your discount.Of course, the clerk can’t ring up you discount. He/she has to call the manager to negotiate the refund. The manager, of course, never admits that it’s Walgreens’ fault, but finally, grudgingly issues the refund. Turning a 20 minute trip to Walgreens into an hour-long shopping odyssey.That’s why I hate going to Walgreens with my wife.


1 Sometimes even the regular price doesn’t ring up correctly.
2 If you’re a regular Wallgreens customer, you already know what I’m talking about.

5 thoughts on “I Hate Going to Walgreens With My Wife

  1. My husband is the coupon guy. I don’t care for Walgreens all that much any more any way. But I don’t really like to shop. Make a note, a woman that doesn’t like to shop. 😆

  2. Walgreens is the big weenie here 👿 . They are just hopin’ that more people are not like Charlene 😯 so they can weenie all of us that don’t check the receipt.
    Hope you guys are having a great time cruisin. 😆

  3. Hey Mike,

    Had to make my blog private–go read to find out why. However, I need your email to add you to my “invited readers” club. Could you send please?
    Thanks and Happy New Year!

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