An Oregonish Sort Of Day

Thursday is golfing day with the golf group. Except today. It’s been raining all day. All day rain is unusual for central Florida. Central Florida rain comes in short downpours usually in the late afternoon. We have gullywashers, usually accompanied by lightning and thunder, where citizens run for cover to avoid becoming sopping wet or being hit by lightning.But today reminded me of my days at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. It’s an all-day-long steady, cool rain. Except, I expect the rain to end later tonight or tomorrow. In Salem, the rain started in October, turned to snow in January, back to rain in February and finished sometime in April or May. It only stopped during finals week. :wink:We need the rain, though, even though we’ve had daily rain for the last month, or so. The Everglades is still several inches below average and the water tables are still low due to the increased demand for water and drought conditions over the last year.

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