5 thoughts on “Scorcher

  1. I saw that too. Our rain is over and maybe a sprinkle or two come the weekend. It wouldn’t dare rain on Fiesta. 🙂

  2. It’s 93 at the moment–the gardens have all been watered and the A/C is working beautifully–thanks for your concern!~

  3. It’s a balmy (HOT)95 at 3:51pm. We have four fans and the ever popular Grandma Enos technique for combating hot days, standing under the garden hose and soaking yourself head to toe. Can’t you just see her doing that? (Answering the door in that condition is not recommended.) I’ll keep you posted. Its 91 in SF right now. Heat advisory for the entire bay area till 8pm tonight.
    Keep cool thoughts for us.

  4. Fortunately, Room 1, where I do most of my teaching, has some of the best A/C in the building…

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