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  1. I usually ignore tags. But since Tasty was completely out of people to tag, I’ll play along.
  2. It’s been about two hours since I started listing these seven things. Maybe I’ll quit trying to make this interesting…which is why I’ve not posted here since November. Nothing interesting to say.
  3. We just returned from a cruise on Carnival Cruise Lines. If you’ve never cruised before, Carnival would be a wonderful experience. It’s just a notch below RCCL, Norwegian, Celebrity, and Holland America in service. Lots more activities, though.
  4. I’ve done our own tax returns all but one year…sometime in the mid 70s. I paid H&R Block $35 to do something I thought was complex but turned out to be easy. It helps to use Turbo Tax.
  5. I get really annoyed when someone tells me how to do something that I already know how to do.
  6. I am really enjoying retirement. My wife recently said she’s surprised that I didn’t get a part time job or volunteered for Habitat for Humanity or something. I guess leading the youth band (Everfall) at church doesn’t count. Besides, I don’t want another job.
  7. I just got up to pee for the fourth time since starting this exercise. Not only have I always had a “tiny bladder”, but also I now have an enlarged prostate contributing to the problem. I doesn’t help that my wife and I started a diet today during which we have to drink eight, count em’ eight, glasses of water a day. That and the coffee are running through me like an eight-year-old through Christmas packages.

So there, I’ve killed two birds with one post. The following folks are tagged: Mandy, Scoop, Vicki, and BLB. (I know it’s only four. I don’t have that many friends.)OK. I’m done with these tagington thingys.