Only in California

The Villages Daily Sun, Wednesday, September 20, 2006.

Santa Rosa, Calif.

One-time JonBenet Ramsey murder susptect John Mark Karr was offered a plea deal Tuesday on child pornography charges that would free him on probation.

Assistant District Attorney Joann Risse said prosecutors would waive three of the five child pornography charges against him if he pleaded guilty on two remaining charges.

Karr, 41, would get credit for time served and would be placed on probation for three years.

Maybe this kind of stuff happens in other states, but I can’t help thinking that, in light of the outcomes of the O.J., Robert Blake, and Michael Jackson trials, prosecutors in California are just a little gun-shy about taking criminals before its citizens. I know; I know. Karr is not a pop icon…or is he out there on the coast?

How Sin City Got It’s Name


Las Vegas Review-Journal 1quoted in The Villages Daily Sun, July 26, 2006

Don’t feed the people. That’s the warning from officials in Sin City. A new city ordinance in Las Vegas makes it illegal to give food to homeless people in city parks. The law, which went into effect yesterday, carries a maximum penalty of $1,000 and six months in jail. city council members say the ordinance is aimed at mobile soup kitchens that attract large groups of homeless people in the parks. The American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada says the law is unenforceable and unconstitutional.

No wonder Las Vegas is called, “Sin City.” What kind of “love one another” is this?

I think this is one of the few positions that the ACLU has taken correctly. I don’t know if it’s unconstitutional but it certainly is immoral.

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1. quoted in The Villages Daily Sun, July 26, 2006

Thanking Jesus in Court Lands Hawaiian Man in Jail – Thanking Jesus in Court Lands Hawaiian Man in Jail
HONOLULU – Junior Stowers raised his hands and exclaimed, “Thank you, Jesus!” in court last month when he was acquitted by a jury of abusing his son.But his joy was short-lived when Circuit Judge Patrick Border held him in contempt of court for the “outburst” and threw him in jail.

Despite being released in six hours with the contempt charges dismissed, it makes you wonder what is going on in our courts. I wonder what would have happened if the man had exclaimed, “Thank you, lettuce!”

Cal Thomas Has a Point Republicans Kidding Us?::By Cal Thomas

House Republicans are being told by their leaders to run campaigns this fall on a platform of fiscal discipline that includes cutting spending. This from a party that has given us new entitlement programs resembling Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society; this from a party that has set new records in “earmarks” for pork barrel projects in their home districts and states; this from a party that under Ronald Reagan at least tried to eliminate the Department of Education, but under President Bush has thrown new money at it with no appreciable improvement in academic achievement.

What happened to the party of small government? How can the Republicans campaign on fiscal restraint? Is anyone laughing?

I am.