Pay It With Pork

Congressional leaders are recommending a 5 cent tax hike per gallon of gasoline at the pump to pay for repairs for the nations bridges. I say, “Pay it with pork.” Gas tax per gallon is already almost twice the price we used to pay for an entire gallon of gas when I began driving…that’s not even counting the price during gas wars.Let’s get real, folks.

Cal Thomas Has a Point Republicans Kidding Us?::By Cal Thomas

House Republicans are being told by their leaders to run campaigns this fall on a platform of fiscal discipline that includes cutting spending. This from a party that has given us new entitlement programs resembling Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society; this from a party that has set new records in “earmarks” for pork barrel projects in their home districts and states; this from a party that under Ronald Reagan at least tried to eliminate the Department of Education, but under President Bush has thrown new money at it with no appreciable improvement in academic achievement.

What happened to the party of small government? How can the Republicans campaign on fiscal restraint? Is anyone laughing?

I am.