Bloomin’ Orchids


Blooming Orchids
Blooming Orchids

Just in time for our cruise. Two of my orchids are in bloom. Fortunately, dendrobiums bloom for many weeks so we’ll be able to enjoy them for a while after we get back.

I haven’t decided yet how many books, if any, I’ll take off my yet to read list and put on my currently reading list. I’ll probably read at least eight books while we’re on the cruise. Mrs. Major has already informed me that I’ll be playing cards with her every day. But with two travel days and seven days at sea (one of which will be transiting the Panama Canal), I’m sure I can find some quality reading time.

It’s only two days and a wake-up until we head out, I may not post until we get back at zero dark thirty on Christmas Eve.

Just in case I don’t post again, Merry Christmas to all of you.