Why Would Jesus Not Waterboard?

In response to an earlier post, where I defended waterboarding as not being torture 1I was not addressing the moral issue of waterboarding, my sister-in-law, Georgette, asks Read more

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1. I was not addressing the moral issue of waterboarding

Social Justice Interest Up On Campus

Quoted from the Campus Ministry Update from the Ivy Jungle:

Increasing Interest in Social Justice: As the election cycle heats up, both parties are taking notice of the increasing interest of younger Christian voters in a number of issues related to social justice. AIDS, poverty, and the environment are all of interest to a demographic long associated only with abortion and homosexual issues. One indicator is that evangelical Wheaton College (IL) boasts the second most active chapter of the Student Global AIDS Campaign – behind Harvard. Coupled with greater involvement by a number of campus ministries, today’s students see a very real connection between the gospel and social engagement. (Daily Northwestern April 25, 2007)

It remains to be seen, however, whether either party can get students to the polls.

Three RIPs

Jerry Falwell is dead. He died yesterday after being found in his office at Liberty University. Whether hated or loved 1There was probably no in-between for those who knew (of) him he made a giant impression on the political and religious attitudes of America. Here are a few links to relevant observations: all valid:

I saved TDD for last as a reminder for Christians that we have two ways to present ourselves to the world: (1) As a judgment or (2) as a grace dispenser. The choice we make will have a serious affect on how the world perceives the God and Savior for which we are ambassadors.

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1. There was probably no in-between for those who knew (of) him

Church At A Crossroads Revisited

In all of the Internet, I could find only one more article on the Pilgrim United Church of Christ decision on whether or not to allow a convicted sex offender membership in their congregation previously featured in MMM.

The article appears in the San Diego Union-Tribune online site SignOnSandDiego and written by Logan Jenkins whose expressed opinion is entirely pragmatic as opposed to spiritual.

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Church At A Crossroads

I was watching ABC News tonight, a rarity for me. They had an article about a tough decision that Pilgrim United Church of Christ in Carlsbad, California, is about to make. A registered sex offender has asked to be accepted for membership in the church.

In keeping with typical ABC viewpoint, in the linked video, except for the minister, Madison Shockley, ABC interviews those who have great reservations about accepting this man into the church. One man was a victim of sexual abuse as a child and a woman was expressing reservaitons about having her child in close proximity to a sex offender. Both viewpoints, from a modern human point of view, seem valid. And we can certainly empathize with these folks.

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