Updated Subscription Program

I recently upgraded Subscribe2, the plug-in that supports email subscribers to Major Mike’s Musings. With short posts, subscribers will get the entire text to the post. With long posts or ones in which I insert a “read more” break, subscribers will get a partial post and must visit this blog in order to read the whole thing. Thank you, subscribers.UPDATE: Evidently, the hack I had on this blog interfered with the sending of these email notifications. I’m working on it.

One thought on “Updated Subscription Program

  1. Mike –

    I feel like an oaf for not connecting with you prior to our trip down. Duh. I’d just commented to Laura the evening prior to seeing your note, that I should let you all know we’re in the area. Then her family was down and with us a couple days… then we hightailed it to Orlando for Disney. And, we came a day early, so our timing was uncertain. At any rate – we’re here… with the girls to do Disney all day the next two days.

    My apologies, my friend. Next time. Really. 😉

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