The Saga of Warrior Custom Golf

 This is not a golf story. It’s a story of an unsatisfied customer. You won’t believe this.

Last November, in response to a card I’d sent in, Peter Quinn of Warrior Custom Golf phoned to offer a set of golf clubs to test. After explaining the deal, they’d send me a set of irons that were clones of the Calloway X-18 irons (Retail $1200) for a 45 day test. The catch is they’d charge my credit card $469 while I tested the clubs and would refund it when I sent them back. I could keep them for the $469.

When I expressed my displeasure at their keeping my money while I did a test for them, Peter offered to send me a clone of a Taylormade R5 driver for free. He said I could keep the driver just for testing the irons even if I didn’t keep them. I got the clubs about three weeks later except for the driver, which was backordered.

I tested the irons on several rounds of golf and several trips to the driving range. I decided not to keep the clubs as I could not hit them as well as my old clubs. In fact, each was about 15 yards shorter than the corresponding Prince clubs I had been using. I was expecting a call from Peter who would ask me for an evaluation of the clubs. Peter never called.

About a week before the 45 days were up, I called Warrior to give them an evaluation of the clubs and to find out how to return them. I talked to Valerie. First, she said for an additional $200 I could try the next higher grade irons and keep the ones I already had. Right away, I knew I’d been hosed if they were willing to give me a set of $469 clubs and another more expensive set for $669. When I refused, she offered me to keep the set I had for $200 and they’d refund $269. When I refused, she offered me the set for $100. (So the set of clubs they were going to sell me for $469 are really only worth $100). After many permutations of offers and refusals, she put me on hold to get me an return authorization number. A few minutes later, she gave me the RA and said as soon as they received the clubs they’d credit my credit card for the $469.

So I shipped the clubs back. The clubs arrived at Warrior Custom Golf on February 5, 2007 at 10:31 am. The driver arrived a few days later.

Today, I called WCG customer service as my credit card has not been credited. I was informed that they had, indeed, received the irons on Feb 5, but they hadn’t received the driver back so I wasn’t due a refund. I explained what Peter Quinn had told me about the driver, but she apologized for the misunderstanding, but the driver is only free with a $100 purchase. She said she’d sell me the driver for $50. Here we go again. I said I have a driver purchased on clearance at Wal-Mart for $5.50 that works just fine, I’ll send the driver back.

For anyone wishing to buy or test golf clubs, I recommed to go to someplace besides Warrior Custom Golf.

UPDATE: Please read subsequent post on this subject. I finally got this all resolved and got my money back.

If you decide to use Warrior, just remember two things. (1) Don’t be fooled: the test program is really a sales program.  (2) The price they list the test at is not the lowest price for which they’re willing to sell the club(s).

I have no complaint about the quality of their merchandise. The clubs they sent me were high quality clubs. I just didn’t like them. I subsequently bought Ping G2 clones from a different vendor for about the same price I would have paid (ultimately) for the G-18 clones from Warrior.

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  1. Nice plane. What’s the significance of it? Were you the pilot?

    Everyone has a gimmick. Too bad about the clubs. I just bought a set of irons on ebay a while back…now that it is getting warmer, I’m looking forward to giving them a try.

    Thanks for coming to my site and leaving comments. I really appreciate it.

    Oh, and Miss Bea’s dad is out of hospice and back home. Thank you for your agreement.


  2. Well for some reason I never got a notify that this was up. Who was in charge of that, Warrior Custom Golf?

    But when I do get notifies I get two at a time. Again the Warrior people.

  3. Thank you for making this information available. My 14 year old son received a postcard advising him that he had been chosen to test this new clubs, free of charge. I thought it was too good to be true so I checked it out on the WEB. I am so glad I did.
    Thank you, we will not get the clubs…..
    A greatful Mom

  4. Yes Mike, I too have had major difficulties with Warrior custom golf. I purchased 3 wedges from them and have never received them. My first inquiry to them, I received a response with a USPS tracking number stating that my clubs had been shipped. Well the tracking number does not exist. I have enquired to them 4 or 5 times and they will not respond. Do not buy from this company, they will rip you off.

  5. As a golf industry person I am on pretty much every mailing list you can think of. I need to know what competitors are doing and what is going on. One of my staff members responded to the Golf Club Evaluation offer and we got hit up for $130+ per fairway wood to evaluate their product.

    Anyhow, at the end of last week I got another email from them with the subject line of “Dear Rob,this is a great place to play if you play for keeps” I figured it was a promotion for a course they may be partnered with. Much to my surprise it was a promotion for “” an online gambling site of some sort.

    It is fairly common in the golf industry to sell your list. We don’t do it but it is done and it is not frowned upon. However, this is the first time I have ever seen a company in any industry spam their own list. Truly a first.

    Hit ’em straight 😆

  6. My wife never ceases to amaze me with her ability to find the good in every bad situation. I guess this has rubbed off on me a bit because I’d like to share my story about Warrior Custom Golf.

    Have any of you ever heard of the Elks Lodge? We have well over a million members and give more to charity every year than some states. I am the 6-year President of the CA Elks Golf Association and have almost 16,000 members regularly playing golf across CA, NV, and AZ. I personally host 12-15 tournaments and oversee the operation of around 30 more each year.

    I have had a few bad experiences with Warrior but have also had similar troubles with Taylor-Made, Callaway, and even Nike. One of my members spent $1300 on a new set of Taylor-Made clubs, only to have the heads fly across the driving range. These other companies (as did Warrior) made every effort to take care of the problem when notified of it.

    It is my opinion that FOR THE MONEY, Warrior clubs are one of the greatest values in the golf marketplace. Sure, you can always go buy your 14 year-old novice golfer a new set of Nike clubs and spend a huge amount of money. Or you can go to Wal-Mart, Sams Club, Costco, K-Mart, etc., and go for the bargain. Warrior clubs are far better than most of these “blue-lite specials” and are often the perfect fit for someone who hasn’t yet graduated to that next level in golf. I’ve been playing golf since 1981, I use the new Warrior Tomahawk irons (my 4th set)and I would not trade them for a $2000 set of clubs.

  7. I have been golfing for about 3o years and I have had similar problems with just about every golf company I have ordered from. I mean, obviously, customer service representatives are encouraged to help the company save them some of the money and I know from experience that many times they actually LOOSE money of sending out free/discounted products becasue it basically gives them free advertising rather than spending millions on advertising. What I am saying is that WCG is giving the same service as everyother golf company I have used. Customers must know that when testing clubs they must be charged so people do not run off with clubs or cancel a credit card that is on file. Its a given! No company would send out expensive sporting goods for absolutley free because that would be the stupidest move ANY company could make.

  8. Patrick, I had no problem with Warrior Custom Golf wanting to hold a “deposit” on the clubs while I was testing them. The problem I had was when I wanted to return them, I had to jump through all kinds of annoying hoops to get my money back. I truly thought I had been robbed until I finally, after several weeks, “qualified” for a refund.

    By the way, I had a local guy build me a set of Ping G2 clones ( 4- SW) for $175 that work very well for me. If WCG gives the same service as every other online company, then I’ll stick with the locals, thank you.

  9. I am surprised to read the negative comments about
    warrior clubs. I tried their irons and hybrids, and found a few advantages–but not worth all that money. But a call to Mr. Toby Eklund, at extension 310, reached an intelligent, sympathetic, and useful agent, and we reached a mutually satisfactory arrangement. I would use (him) again.

  10. Just to add to the Warrior golf info, I checked the So. Cal BBB, they have an “F” rating !! It doesn’t get any worse than that !

  11. A friend has been raving about her Warrior driver, so I thought I would give them a try. Spoke to a fast talking, VERY friendly sales rep last night who offered to send me a driver and three woods for 133.00 each, and hey, he’d throw in a free hybrid. He took my AMEX card number for a “deposit”. Total was supposed to be 532.00, to be charged when they shipped, in 2 or 3 weeks. Then, DUH, I went on the web and saw the horror stories, the “F” rating by the BBB, etc. I called AMEX this morning, my card had all ready been run for 595.00. I called Warrior, got the run around, oh, let us ship you more clubs, oh, we can lower the price you were offered last night, etc. I kept saying, “I just want to cancel my order” The guy started getting rude. I asked him three or four times, “is my card going to be credited?”. I’ll give them a few days, and if it’s not credited by Monday, I’ll call AMEX and dispute the charge. Very glad I used my AMEX card. This was the worst experience I have ever had with a golf club company. I have been buying on the Callaway Pre-owned website and have had excellent customer service, no hidden fees, and great products shipped right away. Stay AWAY from Warrior!

  12. Wow what an eye opener. Was just sent a card in the mail fr the “scam” i’ll try to undo the whole thing in the morn………………..thx for all the great input!!!robert

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  14. I recently recieved a coupon for Warrior wedges from a Lions Club golf tournament. This coupon promises three wedges for only a shipping charge of $29.85. I went to their website this morning to order them and the site doesnt exist. So I googled Warrior and found all the horror stories. Thank God that site was down or else I would have been a victim too. DONT BE FOOLED!!!!!!!

  15. Another unsatisfied customer here! My husband got sucked into the scam as well. WCG sent him his clubs. He tried out the driver which wasn’t as good as his driver, and when the salesman called him, he was ready to send back the set and have our credit card refunded. We were charged $613 and the salesman said to keep the clubs and they would refund us $400..That was about 2 weeks ago. We still have not seen a refund. I called the credit card company and they said because we didn’t have any proof our telephone conversation we would most likely not get our refund. They are going to send us by snail mail a dispute form to fill out and snail mail it back, and then it could take another 30 days to hear anything back regarding our dispute. UUUURRRGGHH!!

    A very unsatisfied wife 😡

  16. Guess I was the lucky one. I received my three irons to try out, and was able to keep the driver for free. They sent me a whole bunch of other stuff too. T shirt, balls, tees, cap, marker, bunch of stuff and they screwed up the order and also included a sand wedge that was not supposed to be in the box. I tried the clubs, and shipped them back to them. Kept the driver AND the sand wedge. The sand wedge is pretty good too. Guess their error made me one of the luckier ones…And my credit card did the get deposit back..

  17. I had bought the warrior driver and 3,5,7, fairway woods for a well reduced price . I was reasonably satisfied with them untill the driver face cracked .I called their service dept,got a RA,sent the club back on May 5.Today is June 22 and still no club to use this spring.I have called several times and was always told the club woul be sent out at a later date. They did not fail to charge my credit card for the return shipping though. So much for their great service on their products.Iwill keep trying.

  18. I received a FREE Warrior 2 wood with 12.5 loft from Warrior about five years ago. Did not pay anything and did not test anything. The club is brilliant and has held up for all of this time. And I really play. Far better than my Nike 460CC driver. They may be slow to return money and may have lots of schemes, but their clubs appear to be first class. I am considering buying a driver and 3 wood from them, but with all the negative publicity, don’t know if I will do so.

  19. I wish I found this information before I fell victim! I received the clubs, they charged my card. I’m 5’2″ the clubs are supposed to be custom ladies… they are longer than my husband’s real Callaways! They weren’t new either! I’ve been trying to get thru for a Return Authorization – for days. Today, I finally got a live body & they asked for my phone # – they’ll get back to me in 48 hours. I insisted on remaining on the line until a live body became available, then I kept getting transferred around. Finally to a ‘Sr Rep, IAN’ who gave me every song & dance trying to give me the 3 clubs for $250 off my original $399. I must have told him 10 times, NO THANKS, I want to return the clubs, I do not like them. He tried every sales pitch, adjustments, additional clubs, sell up to Callaway clones retailing for $1000 for only another $100, etc.
    Finally got that RA # from him. Now I’m very worried – will my credit card be credited when they receive the clubs?

    Boy, do I wish I checked out your blog first!

  20. You’ll get your money as long as you sent everything back. It’s just pulling teeth to get that RA. Call them in about a week to make sure they got their clubs back. 😉

  21. Let me add DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY. I fell victim to the free Hybrid (shipping only) when a very ‘nice’ saleslady talked me into the 3-5-7 trial, with a free driver. The kicker was she promised me a 60 day trial, but made no note of that in the file. I played my last round of the season and called on day 55 – 10 days late on the official 45-day trial period. Won’t refund my money (I even wanted to buy the 3 wood!). Visa wouldn’t accept my dispute over the phone because I called on day 61 from the last statement (only accept 60 days). Said I could send back the clubs w/o an RMA (yea right) and write in a dispute – but it would probably be denied. WCG customer service is supposedly sending me a ‘free’ set of irons but they can’t credit my card $266??? What kind of irons will I be getting, if any?? Avoid, Avoid, Avoid…

  22. I like my Warrior clubs–in last year and a half replaced previous clubs entirely. They are kind of clueless in sending e-mails for products already purchased but the delete button does wonders.
    All in all, very satisfied with experience with Warrior even if my regular golf buddy kids me about being only person in the world to own them.

  23. A word of advice: Never EVER do business with Warrior Custom Golf. Made that mistake several years ago. Bought irons and a couple woods from them, then got YELLED AT for not buying the hybrids, too. Told them to take a long walk off a short pier and to NEVER EVER call me again. Good luck there. I’ve subsequently reported them for violating the Do Not Call list on five separate occasions, but they keep calling. At home. At work. Sending me e-mails. Surprised I haven’t found somebody knocking on my door. If you do business with this company, they will bug the living s**t out of you.

  24. I, too, had a problem with this company, but my story turns out on a VERY positive note. After a pretty upsetting experience, I contacted Mr. Toby Eklund of Warrior Golf. I explained the entire situation to him and within 10 minutes I had a reply–a very satisfying reply!! He went out of his way to make sure that my unpleasant experience was corrected to our satisfaction and said that he has been trying very hard to turn the company’s negative reputation around. I believe he did that with me. I am hoping he is successful because I truly believe he wants to do the right thing. Please write Mr. Eklund at if you have a problem. It is always best, when you write to a company to complain that you do not act as rude as the person you are complaining about!!

  25. Linda L. It would be helpful to all concerned if you detailed what your problem was and how Toby fixed it for you. Otherwise, readers might think you’re a shill for Warrior Custom Golf.

  26. I don’t know about the test program, but I just recieved the rescure wood and 60 lob wedge and they are great! I played with them and was 220 all day long with the wood. I passed on the test offer.

  27. I love my Warriors.

    I bit on the free lob wedge offer and soon received an email saying I could try out a driver, and 3, 5, 7 woods for 45 days. It was clearly explained to me there would be a hit on my credit card and if I didn’t like the clubs I had to return them within the 45 day period to receive a re-credit to my account.

    I went for it and they were going to toss in a free set of wedges. I explained I already had the lob wedge so the salesman said he would send a hybrid instead. The clubs came and there was a full set of wedges but no hybrid. I called and was told to keep the “extra” lob wedge and that the hybrid would be mailed soon. The salesman apologized empahtically for screwing up the order. A few weeks rolled by and no hybrid so I called and explained my plight to a customer service supervisor since the salesman wasn’t at work that day. The supervisor said he didn’t need to verify my story with the salesman; that he’d send the club right out. Not living far from Irvine, I drove to the plant and picked up the hybrid. Not only did they give me the club, they tossed in a free set of head covers for the driver, the woods, and the hybrid.

    As for the quaslity of the clubs, I can honestly say they are much better than the set of Aliens I bought at the local sporting good store when I first took up golf about a year ago. I’m not ready to sink thousands of dollars into clubs that will make no difference in my game at this point. However, for a few hundred dollars, these clubs are much better than the “off the rack” clubs I had and suit me just fine.

  28. I got a call from warrior custom golf on Feb 8, 2009, offering me a set clubs to try for 45 days, if I liked them I would pay $409.50, If I did not like them I would return them, no charge. The only thing that he asked was that I pay $29.95 for the shipping charge,I was leery about paying the shipping only and got him to confirm, twice, that only $29.95 would be charge to my visa.When my next visa statement came in I found out that they had charged the whole amount.To make a long story short,I have been battling with them since to get my money back, but despite repeated promises they refuse to credit my visa

  29. I guess I have mixed reviews for Warrior. Let me start by saying that if you are ever connected to a rep named “Dan”, run for the hills. He is the most obnoxious, unprofessional salesperson I’ve ever dealt with; everyone else I’ve dealt with there has been fine.

    Most of their clubs are good quality, but not at their asking prices. The trick is that you can negotiate a far better price. I have bought a set of irons, hybrids, and fairway wooods over the years, and have received several “free items” including 2 or 3 drivers, several wedges and even a nice golf bag and have never paid close to “MSRP”. (Shipping & Handling” is more than I’ve paid from any other golf company, but still worth it) Just don’t go for their original prices. For example, I got a 3, 5, and 7 wood with magnetic headcovers for $130 including s&h although they originally wanted $399 + s&h. They are great clubs and I took my Callaways out of my bag. (I’m a 6 handicap) If you’ve ever priced out magnetic covers, those alone are worth about half of what I paid in total. By the way, these are the same clubs I returned a couple of years ago and received my credit as promised, but I remembered liking them so much, I went back after them when I got an e-mail pitching them again. This time I held the line on the price I could afford and they went for it. (Dealt with Valerie in Customer Service; she was great). Just stay away from Dan (aka Dante), and make a lowball offer and stick to it.

  30. When you try to return the three fairway woods they’ll
    fight you tooth and nail and they’ll keep dropping the price
    to as low as $99 for all three clubs !!!!

  31. They finally faxed me a return UPS label aND said they
    would return my $ we’ll see!

  32. Love my Warrior clubs. honestly i started with the wedges on the “shipping only” deal. I was very happy with them. I soon after purchased the fairway woods on a trial. was gonna only keep the 3 wood just cuz too much in a bag is a waste. they offered me to keep 5 and 7 for discounted rate. that was fine. they were quality clubs and worth the money.. I did test play their TCP irons and as they were nice clubs i had an issue with their durability. They had minor dings from being in the bag. I explained this to them and they sent me the catapult irons for free and i kept the TCP’s also. I only paid $299 for the first sent. Nice deal huh… I have since sold my taylormade irons and love these Warrior clubs. they send me periodic emails for shiping only deals on balls, and others accessories. i have no issue. I did have a problem getting a repair to my 3 wood. i needed it reshafted and couldnt get help with this…. no big deal. i had it done locally. no issues in general..

  33. Okay guys, here we go. This doesn’t surprise me one bit. I have been golfing for thirty years now, and have tried all types of clubs. I got a flyer through the mail regarding the golf balls, and it reminded me of things I used to get from NGC [but I am not knocking them – I still have a wedge I bought from them]. Based upon my observations and hundreds of rounds played over the years, here is my unsolicited opinion: the novelty of trying new golf clubs or testing new golf balls is as old as the hills. It usually results in frustration with one’s current game and level of play. I have seen guys save up for and buy the most expensive clubs out there, from Ping to Callaway to Titleist to Taylor Made, and I can tell you one thing – it’s ALL IN THE SWING, not the clubs. If your swing mechanics aren’t there, you won’t hit even close to the pros, and you’ll be lucky to break 100 or even 90. However, I have seen guys go and make genuine improvements to their swing using OFF THE SHELF brands [Dunlop, TopFlite, RAM, and even Northwestern] and they go out and have a blast and can realistically brag about lowering their scores.

    Look, I use Adams Tight Lies myself. I have used RAMs, Wilson Staff, Top Flite, and Walter Hagen clubs, and for my money [$350 + a 7-wood for free when I bought the set], I shoot between 78-85 rather consistently, so I am about a 10-handicapper on the worst days. These clubs just work the best for me.

    Stop thinking clubs are the sole reason for changing your game. Check your stance, alignment, club selection [i.e. do I use a six or seven iron, etc.], know your distances, and know your strengths and weaknesses. Case in point: my stepdad doesn’t do these things and he has about six grand wrapped up in clubs, satellite range finders, balls and other stuff – – – and I repeatedly score better [he hasn’t beaten me in years] and have more fun doing it.

    Caveat emptor, my fellow links hounds.

  34. Hello Folks,

    It never ceases to amaze me!!! I bought a 3,5, and 7 wood, three iron hybrid and a putter from warriorcustomgolf and they charged me $230.00 which included the S\H. The clubs arrived in excellent condition about two weeks later. The weight, feel, and looks of the clubs are really beautiful. I played a couple of rounds of golf with the clubs and noticed a slight increase in distance but other than that nothing about my game has changed. This only proves that a good golf game for an average golfer is all about the Indian and not about the arrows he or she uses. I paid $450.00 for a Taylor made driver and it has not improved my game either. 😉

    The Moral of the Story is “research yourself before you cast golf balls at the equipment maker,” and you will be a happier and healthier golfer.

    Hit ’em long and straight,

    Jeffrey P. LaPlante

  35. 🙂
    My Warrior clubs are some of the best clubs I have ever hit. I got a full set of clubs, including woods, custom fitted for my swing, for under $1,000. Plus they gave me 45 days to return them if I didn’t like them. ( Other companies just give you store credit). Also, I got a 1 year warranty on the clubs! Plus I wanted my irons extended after I got them, and I sent them back and they did the adjustment for free! This is an excellent company and I can’t believe people think they are really going to get clubs given to them with no collateral for just an evaluation. Come on people! Wake up! No company can stay in business if they just ship merchandise all over the country without taking some form of payment to cover at least their cost of the clubs. The test play is just a cooling off period. I think its good business, it shows Warrior has confidence in their product.

  36. Will, If you paid close to $1000 for a set of Warrior clubs, you got ripped off. You should have told them you didn’t want them and they would have lowered the price to a couple of hundred.

  37. I have a full set of Warrior clubs, driver, wedges, bag that I purchased back in 2005. I went through the whole sales ‘spiel’ with a real fast-talking, pushy guy on the phone. Overall, a pretty annoying process. However, I’ve never had a complaint about their clubs. I wouldn’t spend a ton of money for Calloways unless I lived golf every day, and even then… The Warriors fit my bill…MHO.

  38. Here’s my 2 cents on Warrior Custom Golf.
    Got the mailer for a hybrid free, pay the shipping. They are hard salesman…but so am I, I am a Realtor. So I worked them harder than they worked me. I ended up getting a set of irons, a hybrid, a driver and the set of wedges all for I think $450 or so. All on the test program. Got the package. Turned out they didn’t send me the right irons or driver. I called back- “no problem” just keep what you’ve got and we’ll send you the right irons and driver. Received them in 2 weeks. Tried both sets of the irons. TCP’s makes you hit em straight as an arrow but you lose about 10-15 yrds. per club. EXT’s (what I’m using now) I would compare them any day to the Callaway X-12’s I was using. I’ve been with them for about 6mos. now. No complaints but still getting used to them. Anyway, I called back nonetheless to further work my deal. I extended my 45 day test period to 90 days due to weather issues in the Northwest. Toward the end of 90 days I called to return them to see what the response was…again a hard sell but they said they would take them back. In summary I worked them down to $300 for 2 sets of irons (which I would rate at about a 8/10 for quality & playability), two 460i drivers, 3 wedges (also nice clubs), one hybrid. I thought it was a fantastic deal. It did take them a while to refund the $150 to my card but I was just persistent, and you have to be. They are sales people that are trying to sell you merchandise. For me they were not deceptive. I was fully aware that they were charging me for the clubs up front which I didn’t mind. You don’t get something for nothing. I think they make good clubs and I play them 3x a week or so plus the range.
    On a side note: I noticed the other day that my driver was cracked along the bottom portion of the face. I called them for the warranty. They said send it back and we’ll replace it. $9 shipping in the box I already had from them. I should get a new club in about 6 weeks.
    Overall I think people just can’t swallow the hard salesmanship they deliver. Just speak up and don’t take no for an answer. I’m sure all experiences are different but I don’t really have any complaints other than “hassle”. Also to note: I’ve seen many a post on the web about a deal they are putting out for a sponsorship package (towel, bag, shirt, balls, scope, tees blah blah)…My email says right on it “for trying out one of our clubs”…there have been many complaints that they say it’s free if you pay shipping..not so.
    Overall good clubs shitty customer service.

  39. Another note: One of the above posts references a guy named Toby Eklund. I remembered that I too saw his name in another forum when I was having a hard time getting a hold of them to get a refund. He was spot on. Called me the next day. Had a supervisor on the phone and got it done. He is the man.

  40. I too was swallowed by the postcard enticement. I received a Driver, 3W, 5W, 7W and hybrid 3-iron, for the low, low price of $533. I tested them for a month and they were just so-so. The driver and 3W were no big deal, but the 5W and 7W were actually pretty good. I did not want or need to spend $500 on new woods so I tried to return them. John in customer service gave me every deal under the sun to keep the clubs. I finally agreed to a 50% discount off the original price. In the end I received three new clubs for under $50 apiece. Marginally happy. Would agree that this marketing approach is somewhat deceiving, but in the end, the clubs were decent enough.

  41. I recently bit on the free rescue club deal. I am waiting to receive the club, but I will wait. I then got an e-mail telling me I also qualified for a free trial set of custom drivers and fairway woods (for only $450.00). I declined the offer telling “My new best friend” Chris Rich (who is the salesman who called me two more times this week)that I want to play the rescue club and (if I like it)I will probably buy a driver. Actually, Chris Rich seems to be a nice guy, but I know nothing about this company or their clubs, and frankly, when and if I order the driver, I do not plan on getting it for free, nor do I plan on returning it if I don’t like it (I’ll just store it along with the other drivers in my basement). Thank you all for the comments. It will help me make my mind up in the future and decide if I want to do business with this company or not. We do have options, there is always the “Perfect Club!

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