Adding Insult to Injury

After the saga of my previous post, I received the above card in the mail yesterday. Apparently, in spite of all the acrimony, I’m a good enough customer to “share in the financial rewards and other benefits” their new program.

Just thinking… I wonder if I should be posting this stuff before I get my money back. Hmm

5 thoughts on “Adding Insult to Injury

  1. I bought a used set of Warrior clubs and am pleased with the woods. The irons are probably a step up from what I had, but the woods were worth the $100 I paid for the set.

  2. 🙄
    HUM!!! I just got the “CARD” in the mail today… It asks me… Wood or Iron? How about Both? Get our new Warrior Customer 20 Degree Hybrid Absolutely FREE. Of cource it usually retails for 199.99. Their R&D Department need MY feedback. Me little ol me. Wow I feel so honored. Ya right. This is a scam. I am wondering if I should just see if I can get the whole kit and kaboodle for $100.00. I would spend 100 bucks on the whole thing. Am I crazy? I think I will have my wife, with whom is an attorney, draw me up a simple letter stating that once I get the clubs I will call them with my CC number so they can charge me the $100. I might put some penalty in the contract so that should they charge me more, I can get some restitution. Just thinking here.

    Any thoughts?


  3. Yes many thoughts;

    Having been in the golf industry for 10 years i can tell you the clubs you are purchasing from Warrior for $100 are worth just that, and nothing more. If on the other hand you are paying $650-$800 for what you think are custom clubs, think again. These are furthest from custom, the quality of the components are not as good as what you can get from your local neighborhood club fitter; who by the way would see you face to face, recognize your body type and fit you for the proper shaft, and for less aggravation.

    True custom clubs from Mizuno, Miura, Titleist, Tour Edge; start at $1,000, and are custom retrofits. These are built by master craftsman, under exacting laboratory tolerances, only after 4 hours of testing, measuring and ball striking on your part. Only then the proper shaft type and frequency can be determined; along with launch angel and velocity

    Bottom line is, if you want a Mercedes, buy a Mercedes. You can’t afford a Mercedes, buy a used one; and by the way, Yes you definitely should be fitted for clubs but by a certified professional with “Hands On”.

    Don’t for one minute think that the crap being passed off as custom by these boiler room telephone jockeys are any more than sticks and rocks manufactured and assembled in CHINA, to the stringent tolerances and translation ability of a burger flipper at the Wendy’s Drive Up Window.

    Tell me now; how often have you driven off only to find out that you have the wrong order, coke instead of diet coke, after being line for 10 minutes and really dying of thirst. Same Deal, Same Educational Level.

  4. I own a set of Warrior custom clubs, and I love them!
    Why are all you people bashing on this company for being aggresive and passionate about there product?
    Everything we buy has a mark-up, many are made in China and elsewhere.
    Is selling golf clubs a crime?
    Seems to me everyone who requested a refund got one!
    Get a life people!

    BTW: hard working good people work @ Wendy’s too! Oh yeah…..they sell & promote hambergers (how dare they!)


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