Qualifying Done

U.S. Open

Thursday Son Major and I manned the thru board for hole 11. 1The thru board posts the scores for the group that’s currently playing the hole through the previous hole We worked from 6:45 to 12:15. We got to see the entire morning round play the hole. 11 is a par three so we were able to see the tee and the green play. We developed a system that took the least amount of time so we got in the max amount of watching. The rest of the early afternoon we planted ourselves at the green on hole six, a 515 yard par 4. We wanted to see some long shots into the green. 

Yesterday, we slept in 2until 8, had breakfast and headed out to the course. After watching a few shots on the way, we found seats in the bleachers on hole 3, another par 3 and watched almost the entire afternoon round from there. 3 is a tough downhill par three, 195 yards into the wind. The green is severely sloped and not too deep. We only saw two birdies while we were there and saw two double bogies and a triple. Great day. Read more


1 The thru board posts the scores for the group that’s currently playing the hole through the previous hole
2 until 8

Quick US Open Update

Mike Weir 

Yesterday we went to see Old Dad and Pretty Betty. It’s about a two hour drive north of San Diego so we rented a car and headed out. We got to spend the whole day with them and Old Dad sprung for lunch. 1Is anyone surprised? Pretty Betty had a cable that worked with my camera, so I downloaded a bunch of pix and put them up on majormike.com. See them here. The photo to the left is Mike Weir.

On the way home, we stopped at Marie Calendar’s in Carlsbad for dinner and to catch the end of  game three of the NBA finals. The bartender, Paulina, had a tattoo of a Salvador Dalì artwork on her forearm identical to the one on Son Major’s forearm. They insisted I photo their forearms. Unfortunately, I left the camera on the table when we left. Fortunately, Paulina knew whose it was and gave it to the manager, Christine, who gave it to me when I drove back to Carlsbad this morning. Thank you Paulina and Christine. Read more


1 Is anyone surprised?

First Day of U.S. Open a Blast

I forgot to bring the USB cable for the camera, so I can’t download the photos until I get home. I still have room for 1300 more on the 2GB card in the camera, so you’ll have lots to see then.

Today was loads of fun. We walked the entire course—not in hole order, saw gobs of pros—but not Tiger or Phil 1We did see Vijay, K.J., Trevor, Michael Campbell, Bubba, Zach, to name a few, watched lots of shots, bought some U.S. Open goodies, and generally got sunburned from the long hazy day.

From our hotel, we walk to the trolley station, take the trolley to Qualcomm Stadium, take the shuttle to the golf course. It takes about an hour total, but is very relaxing…we don’t have to drive.

We’re looking forward to our trip to Seal Beach to see Old Dad and Pretty Betty. We’ll spend the whole day and part of the evening. 

Tonight, we’re beat and are heading for the rack right now.


1 We did see Vijay, K.J., Trevor, Michael Campbell, Bubba, Zach, to name a few

Getting Ready For The U.S. Open

On Sunday at around 3:30pm, Son Major and The Major will depart for the Tampa airport to make the trek to San Diego and the 2008 U.S. Open Championship. We signed up to be volunteers almost a year and a half ago. We will be working the Thru and Leaderboards during the competition. We have passes for the three practice rounds on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and for the Championship on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If there’s a playoff on Monday, we’ll get to see that too.

The photo is of some of the gear we have. You can see the hat, shirt, parking passes, lunch vouchers (yellow), and of course the volunteer pass that gets us in for all the activities. 1We also received another shirt, water bottle, and jacket

Much to my surprise, cameras will be allowed on the three practice days, so we’ll be snapping lots of photos. I might even get another card for my camera. No cell phones are allowed on any day, and not cameras are allowed on the Championship days. Read more


1 We also received another shirt, water bottle, and jacket

An Oregonish Sort Of Day

Thursday is golfing day with the golf group. Except today. It’s been raining all day. All day rain is unusual for central Florida. Central Florida rain comes in short downpours usually in the late afternoon. We have gullywashers, usually accompanied by lightning and thunder, where citizens run for cover to avoid becoming sopping wet or being hit by lightning. Read more